How much will it cost to submit my tax return?

Which documents are needed for my tax return?

You will complete a tax questionnaire – based this information you supply, it will stipulate what certificates and supporting documents is required to submitted.


When will I get my refund from SARS?

  • When a tax refund is due to you, they can be as quick as 3 days, but normally within 21 working days.
  • When return is in for Review it takes 30 working days and for
  • an Assurance Audit it takes 3-12 months.


What should I do if I’m not registered on eFiling?

We will assist you with the registration process.


How does the process work in submitting my return?

  • Contact The Tax Hub for a quote
  • Your situation is assessed and based on your tax tiera quote will be sent to you
  • After you accept the quote, make payment – payment terms and conditions reflects on the quote
  • A client information and questionnaire is sent to you to be completed and returned.  The tax questionnaire will assist us in getting through all detail of your return, in order to take full advantage of all possible deductions and tax exemptions available to you.
  • Power of Attorney is sent to you to be signed and sent back – needed to authorize me working on your taxes
  • Return the signed POA  and documents and certificates pertaining to your tax submission.
  • Tax return is prepared, and we will contact you should there be any any queries on your return.
  • We file your return once we discuss the outcome with you.
  • You receive your refund from SARS, if eligible.